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JANE BONANDER has always had a flare for the dramatic. Just ask her mother. When she was five, she ran home from kindergarten and scrambled under her parents' bed, hiding there until her mother came looking for her which was longer than Jane had anticipated, for she fell asleep. When her mother woke her, she told her that a big, hairy monster had chased her home. Since over an hour had passed, the drama of the moment was gone.

She sold her first novel, SECRETS OF A MIDNIGHT MOON, to St. Martin's Press in 1990. Since then she has published twelve more novels and novellas. She currently makes her home in St. Paul, Minnesota and in the fall of 1998, remarried after the death of her first husband, Alan. The new man in her life, Richard Noer, is an avid skiier and for the past twenty six years has been on the ski patrol at a local ski area. Although Jane doesn't ski and refuses to start now, she does "chalet" and enjoys people watching as she does so!

Jane's oldest son, Jason, who obtained his PhD from Brown University in Providence, RI, is living in Atlanta, GA with his wife. Jason is Director of Informatics at CDC's Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Laura, his wife, is Partner at Caldwell and Watson, LLD.
They have a six and a half year old son, Soren. Ross, Jane's younger son, is also a writer and multi-published. He is Lead Health Writer for Deep Dive Media. His wife, Amber, is Account Manager at LawPay where she provides custom payment solutions and client support to attorneys and law firms throughout the US.